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Antenna and Propagation, and Microwave Theory and Techniques Joint Chapter (Scotland)

Welcome to the IEEE AP-S | MTT-S joint Scottish Chapter.

The advancement of microwave theory and its applications, including RF, microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz technologies is promoted in Scotland by the Antenna Propagation Society (AP-S) and Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) Scottish chapter under the organisation of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

As we enter into an exciting future, our mission is to continue to understand and influence microwave technology and to provide a forum for all microwave engineers. The all-volunteer driven AP-S and MTT-S Scottish chapter will continue to be the focus for the promotion of the RF and microwave engineering profession, by advancing and distributing knowledge and supporting professional development. We organise technical, professional development and social activities, including technical talks, conferences and workshops, industrial visits, career development activities for student and young professionals and member specific activities. We welcome volunteers to help us or collaborate on activities and events, share ideas and provide feedback to support our Chapter activities.

The field of interest of the AP-S and MTT-S Scottish chapter encompasses: antennas, including analysis, design, development, measurement, and testing; radiation, propagation, and the interaction of electromagnetic waves with discrete and continuous media; and applications and systems pertinent to antennas, propagation, and sensing, such as applied optics, millimeter and sub-millimeter-wave techniques, antenna signal processing and control, radio astronomy, and propagation and radiation aspects of terrestrial and space-based communication, including wireless, mobile, satellite, and telecommunications.

Chapter Committee

Qammer H Abbasi
Qammer H AbbasiChapter Chair

Upcoming Events

2311, 2021

UK and Ireland Antennas and Propagation Chapter Wins 2021 Best Chapter Award from IEEE APS Society

IEEE UK and Ireland Section is delighted to announce that its Antennas and Propagation Chapter has won best chapter award 2021 from IEEE APS society.

506, 2021

Watch Again | Structuring Light with Extreme Metamaterials

Materials are often used to manipulate waves. Metamaterials have provided far-reaching possibilities in achieving “extremes” in such wave-matter interaction. This talk will present some of the ongoing work on extreme material platforms for metaphotonics, and will forecast possible future research directions in these paradigms.

1704, 2021

Watch Again | Towards 6G Wireless Communication Networks – Vision, Enabling Technologies, and New Paradigm Shifts

Fifth generation (5G) wireless communication networks are being deployed worldwide and more capabilities are in the process of being standardized, such as massive connectivity, ultra-reliability, and low latency. However, 5G will not meet all requirements of the future, and sixth generation (6G) wireless networks are expected to provide global coverage, enhanced spectral/energy/cost efficiency and greater intelligence and security.

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