Webinar: Continuous Improvement Using Lean Manufacturing Aspects

This Webinar is designed to examine the secrets behind Japanese management success starting from an approach that is called “Lean” or “Just-In-Time (JIT)”. The importance of this approach both as philosophy and as a method of operations planning and control will be discussed. Lean systems principles, concepts and elements as a radical departure from traditional management practice will be clarified. Requirements, benefits arising from and problems encountered with Lean systems implementation will be discussed.

Muda, Pull system, Jidoka, Kanban and 5’s will be briefly described; concepts, examples, and case studies shall be given from a wide variety of engineering and management discipline.

Who should attend
This Webinar is intended for engineers in working in production and management positions, but will be very useful for engineers working in various industrial, planning and managerial sectors, general managers and postgraduate participants in industrial engineering and engineering management.

Webinar objectives

  • Define key aspects of Japanese successful management
  • Illustrate what is the “Lean” approach and how is it different from traditional management practice?
  • Clarify the characteristics of the lean philosophy
  • Identify the main elements of lean systems
  • Describe the techniques of Lean systems
  • Explain how can Lean systems be used in planning and control
  • Make clear that Lean systems can be used in service operations
  • Indicate how can Lean systems and traditional techniques coexist
  • Understand some of the Japanese phrases used in Lean systems

Webinar contents

  • Continuous improvements using Lean system approach
  • Eight Types of Waste MUDA
  • Just-In-Time Characteristics of Japanese companies
  • Strategic characteristics of Lean systems
  • Supply chain Considerations in Lean systems
  • Process Considerations in Lean systems
  • Human Considerations in Lean systems
  • Toyota Production System (TPS)

Training instructor
Dr.  Rami Al-Hadeethi is an international, award winning Associate Professor of with a M.Sc. and a PhD. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management; both degrees were obtained from the United Kingdom. His solid understanding of business administration in an engineering context, passion for learning, and consultative leadership style are the driving forces behind a progressively successful 25+ year career. Internationally-recognised consultant with a unique prospective on mixing engineering knowledge and administrative abilities in the design, development, organising and delivery of several worldwide short training Webinars that covers an extensive range of engineering disciplines and business-related topics.

Accreditation: This Webinar is accredited by IEEE UK and Ireland Section

Delivery style: This training webinar is practical, participatory and personal.  We focus on real issues and help participants to benefit from the techniques covered, rather than just discuss them.  A variety of learning methods are employed to stimulate interest and meet the differing needs of participants – including illustrated presentations, discussions, and case studies.

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