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Watch Again | Energy Storage – Gaps and Opportunities Analysis by Prof Seamus Garvey

On Tuesday 24th May, an in-person the workshop ‘Energy Storage: Gaps and Opportunities Analysis’ was held at the University of Birmingham. The event was organised and chaired by Dr. Jianing Li. It was sponsored by Supergen Energy Storage Network+, and technically sponsored by IEEE UK and Ireland PES Chapter.

The workshop aimed to identify opportunities arising in specific market sectors relevant to energy storage. These opportunities should be entirely technology-agnostic – pointing out the characteristics that will be required for the energy storage system but refraining from any constraint concerning what technology could be used to exploit the opportunity.

About the speaker

Seamus Garvey is a Professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham. Since 2005, his research work has been increasingly focused on affordable medium-duration energy storage (energy storage with discharge durations between 4 hours and 200hrs) and integrating these energy storage technologies into renewable energy generation. He has run numerous events to help to advise policy-makers in the area including those covered at and