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UK and Ireland Section Supports Gravitational-Wave Array Milestone

Several UK and Ireland Section officers have been recognised for their support for the recent dedication of an IEEE Milestone for 3 Gravitational-Wave Antennas.

In his 1916 General Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein predicted their existence as cosmic ripples that travelled at the speed of light, carrying with them information about their origins as well as clues to the nature of gravity itself.

On 14th September 2015, using the two LIGO antennas, these gravitational waves were first detected.

This Milestone dedication was an international recognition of a monumental achievement; the confirmation of Einstein’s prediction of 104 years ago.

The commemorative coasters were provided by Brian Berg: IEEE Region 6 History Chair, IEEE History Committee member and one of those instrumental in organising the event.

IEEE Milestone Program

IEEE Milestones honour significant technical and scientific achievements throughout the world. This event dedicated the 213th IEEE Milestone, with plaques in IEEE Region 5 (Louisiana USA), Region 6 (Washington State USA) and Region 8 (Tuscany ITALY).  A 30cm x 45cm bronze plaque with a descriptive citation is installed at milestone locations.

Clockwise from top right | Nick Wainwright (Webmaster), Mona Ghassemian (Chair), Tony Davies (Life Members), Eduardo Audiche (Secretary) and Matthew Gream (Treasurer) with their commemorative GWA Milestone coasters.

The event, which took place virtually on 3rd February 2021, was watched around the world and can be viewed again below.