Systems Council Chapter Forms Special Interest Groups

The Systems Council Chapter was formed in 2017 as a focal point for multi-disciplinary activities with a holistic systems focus.  It organised its first public lecture as its launch event took place on 20th June 2017 in London.

As part of the Chapter’s development, a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have been formed under the Chapter to focus on trans-disciplinary areas of relevance to systems thinking, systems analysis, systems engineering and systems emergence that fall within the scope of the Systems Council.

Special Interest Groups

Systematic Innovation (SISIG)

Environmental Technology (ETSIG)

Railway Technology (RTSIG)

Data Analytics (DASIG)

Technology Ethics (TESIG)

Industry 4.0 (I4SIG)

Intellectual Capital (ICSIG)

Lectures and public events are being planned and delivered for all the SIGs that are formed and led by domain experts.

The first Environmental Technology SIG lecture took place at the University of London, SOAS on 23rd May 2018 delivered by Dr Jane Dennett-Thorpe titled “Technology & Innovation for Transition to a Low Carbon Future”.

The first Railway Technology SIG (RTSIG) launch event is being planned for 05 July in collaboration with IRSE in London on 05 July 2018, focused on the theme of “Ethics in Technology”.

More events and lectures are in the pipeline by the other SIGs whilst new ones are also being formed.

If your areas of professional interest are cross or trans-disciplinary, we would encourage you to join the existing SIGs or consider forming a specialised SIG to promote systems thinking, methodologies and solutions through events, lectures and collaboration with other professional enterprises and industry. Please contact the Chapter Chair for details on the current plans or the process for SIG formation.