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Systematic Innovation Special Interest Group (SISIG) Invites Practitioners and Field Experts to Contribute to 2020 Programme of Events

IEEE UK and Ireland, Systematic Innovation Special Interest Group (SISIG) is hereby giving notice of the next meeting of the group and would like to invite all practitioners and field experts for their valuable contributions.

The subject of the meeting relates to the role of:

Systemic Approaches in Teaching of Innovation

“Systems” theory and practice has been part of modern engineers’ toolbox and has helped dealing with complex problems in the modern era. At the same time, Innovation is seen as a key contributor to societal prosperity.

Combining the two subjects has seen the inception of the Systematic Innovation SIG, whilst promotion of innovation alongside the STEM subjects to raise collective innovative capabilities has been devolved as a worthy cause to be followed by the group.

SISIG therefore would like to invite colleagues and members involved in teaching and mentoring young innovators from any background; students, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc., to share their ideas, successful approaches and invaluable experiences with like-minded colleagues, pursuing similar objectives with a view to collectively raise standards.

Those interested to share their knowledge are invited to contact Farhad Fassihi with a summary of their proposed presentation, along with a brief resume. The meeting is planned for spring 2020 with the program (dates and venue) to be announced in due course.

Farhad Fassihi, for and behalf of the IEEE UK and Ireland SISIG