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IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS) Offers Sponsorship Towards Industrial Placements

Electron Devices Society

As a result of new initiative projects from the IEEE EDS society, funds are available for current and newly graduated students, to spend time in industry in any of the upcoming areas of quantum technologies, neuromorphic computing/accelerators of AI, compound semiconductors (GaN and SiC) and 5G/IOT. These funds are meant to enable placements of undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, newly graduated students and postdocs in any company or research organisation engaged in these subject areas.

The initiative is open to all, but special consideration will be given to EDS student members. The funds will pay for travel and subsistence costs for placements that are a minimum of a week in duration and completed by 31 December 2020. We also encourage virtual placements, that will support subsistence costs, such as accommodation and living expenses, of candidates who are in a transition period due to COVID-19. In such a case, the placement will be based on completion of a project lasting a minimum of a month with the company.

This is the second round of applications with a deadline of 15 August 2020. A budget of up to $1000 USD can be allocated per person. It is expected that the funds will be disbursed equally between the Americas, Europe and Africa/Asia (including Australia).

Expressions of interest from prospective candidates, departments, supervisors or companies must be submitted by email, together with a description of the candidate CV (1 page), company contact to confirm the placement, with a paragraph about the work and duration by 15 August 2020 to The candidates will be shortlisted by a selection committee.

A final report consisting of a maximum of 2 A4 pages, endorsed by the training supervisor at the company, will be required, before disbursing the money at the end of the project. Applicants may make a case for a proportion of funds to be granted in advance of costs, where applicable.