Unveiling of an IEEE Milestone Plaque

Dundee University Physics Department, Nethergate, Dundee

The unveiling of this IEEE Milestone plaque is the latest award to the UK & Ireland Section to celebrate historic achievements in electro-technology and recognises the research of Walter Spear and Peter LeComber at Dundee that led to the development of the flat panel displays at the heart of modern television receivers and computer monitors.

Talk: Cyber Security Monitoring of Digital Web Services using Web Analytics

Bush House Room (SE)2.12, Bush House South East wing, Strand,, London

Most digital services are available to everyone and from anywhere, e.g. University website, online banking, electronic commerce etc. n this research, web analytics is applied for cyber security monitoring to enhanced cyber situational awareness of critical digital web services. A number of intelligence sources such as web logs, browser fingerprints, mobile and tablet fingerprints and endpoint fingerprint are gathered, fused, analysed in real time for enhanced situational awareness for the protection of online web security.

LMAG Webinar | Soft Robots Interacting With Humans and Other Fragile Objects

With the ever-increasing demand for robots to cooperate and collaborate with humans, comes the need for increasingly sophisticated technologies capable of physically interacting with their environment in a safe way. This webinar will report on the advancements at the Centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary (ARQ) in soft robots focussing on pneumatically actuated silicone and fabric-based robotic structures.

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