Event: Ethics in Engineering

EEF Broadway House, Tothill Street, London

This Seminar is the first undertaken jointly by the IEEE Systems Council Chapter in the UK & Ireland and the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE). In it, we are seeking to explore the underpinning principles associated with these ethical issues from various perspectives, raise awareness and foster collaboration between stakeholders. Our goal is to instigate an Ethical Value based approach to the design and delivery of products, systems and services that will become entrenched as safety is today.

Webinar – Lifelong Learning in Human Activity Recognition

This webinar is designed to discuss future research trends in human activity recognition, i.e. lifelong learning – how to automatically and continuously adapt activity recognition systems to unexpected, unavoidable and constant changes in human actions, sensing technologies, and environments.

Webinar – Humanitarian Technologies Lecture Series: IEEE Ethics and COVID-19 related Initiatives

The Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies (SIGHT) in the UK & Ireland Section is pleased to announce a series of online lectures in connection with the Covid-19 related technologies. These are being organised in collaboration with the Technology Ethics SIG and the SMC Chapters. The first lecture in this series is IEEE Ethics and COVID-19 related Initiatives.

SMC Distinguished Hybrid Lecture | Digital Transformation

City University of London Room C309, Northampton Square, London

Hosted by Professor Okyay Kaynak, Emeritus Professor and UNESCO Chair of Mechatronics, this hybrid event will discuss the emerging AI technologies, industry and the effects on people’s lives because of changes to these domains.

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