Collaboration between UK & Ireland and Italy Sections

At the last Region 8 meeting of IEEE in Sydney, the chair of the UK and Ireland proposed a path to more dynamism and vitality through collaboration and closer ties between IEEE Sections. This was noted and supported by other section chairs present.

To start the process, the Chairs of UK & Ireland and Italy sections have agreed to collaborate on technical and developmental matters and there are other sections who wish to join this initiative. We will report on the further evolution of this new path for growth and vitality in IEEE in due course

Recently, the RTSI2017 conference in Modena was supported by the Section Chair giving a presentation to the Italian industry on the UK and Ireland initiatives as well as running a workshop on 13th September entitled Ethics in Technology in Modena.

Both workshops were well received and attended and are signs of success for inter-sectional collaboration. Dr Tambosso, the Chair of the Italy Section has extended the welcome to exchange and collaboration for all other Chapters and Groups in the two Sections. She has also expressed interest in attending the UK and Ireland’s Members’ Open Day on 07 October in London.