Innovation Webinar Series

The Innovation webinar series presented by Ideation in collaboration with IEEE UK & Ireland Section comprises 25 free seminars, starts at 14:00 Feb 27, 2018, runs fortnightly and covers best practices in managing intellectual assets. The webinars include sessions with topics for innovators, practitioners, and advanced IP managers.

Intellectual assets are our most valuable assets by far but are also the least managed. Less than one percent are ever licensed or used commercially. There are many reasons for this poor economic performance, and this course identifies these challenges and solutions for addressing them.

Introductory sessions 25 minutes each, Feb 27 – Jul 3, 2018, fortnightly on Tuesdays at 14:00

  • Feb 27 Introduction to Innovation Management
  • Mar 13 Obstacles to Innovation Management
  • Mar 27 Capturing IP with eLab Notebooks and eSuggestion Boxes
  • Apr 10 Protecting IP – both Legal and Cyber Protection
  • Apr 24 Valuing IP – even early in its Life Cycle
  • May 8 Best Practices in Managing Innovation
  • May 22 Patent vs Trade Secret
  • Jun 5 Finding Licensees
  • Jun 19 Creating Virtual Companies for Joint Ventures
  • Jul 3 Risk Management and IP Litigation Insurance

Practitioners’ sessions 45 minutes each, Jul 17 – Nov 20, 2018 fortnightly on Tuesdays at 14:00

  • Jul 17 The Economics of Innovation
  • Jul 31 Why Manage IP
  • Aug 14 IP Management Best Practices
  • Aug 28 IP Cyber Protection
  • Sep 11 IP Legal Protection
  • Sep 25 Secure, Trusted Collaboration
  • Oct 9 Future Mechanisms for Efficient IP Transfer
  • Oct 23 IP Brokers – a New Class of Professional
  • Nov 6 Comprehensive IP Risk Management
  • Nov 20 IP-as-a-Service (IpaaS)

Advanced sessions 60 minutes each, Dec 4, 2018 – Jan 29, 2019 fortnightly on Tuesdays at 14:00

  • Dec 4 The IP Economy
  • Dec 18 How to Make the IP Economy as Efficient as Traditional Financial Services
  • Jan 2 Managing IP Risk
  • Jan 15 Valuing Innovation of all Types at all Stages
  • Jan 29 A New IP Paradigm

Attendance is by prior registration and the link for the first webinar (Feb 27 Introduction to Innovation Management) is provided here.

The course capacity for this is limited to 100 participants and the places will be allocated on a first registered and acknowledged basis.

Please refer to the new CPD tab on the section website for updates and the emerging programme and recordings of the previous sessions.

All members are encouraged to feedback views, areas of need or even volunteer to deliver some of the modules under the Thematic Areas that relate to their work, expertise and competence. Please send your feedback and suggestions to the Educational Affairs Committee or consider joining the EAC to support this new important member service.