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Award: Excellence in Continuing EMC Education

Keith Armstrong

Award: 2018 Distinguished Educator

Professor Alwyn Seeds

In Memoriam: MTT-S President

Professor Thomas J Brazil

2018 Fellows: What does it mean to them?

Professor James Wilkinson

Fellowship: Royal Society of Edinburgh

Professor Robert Henderson

Award: The Mustafa Prize

Professor Erol Gelenbe

Award: World Sustainable Development Prize

Dr Zeyad Al-Shibaany

Fellowship: Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor Mischa Dohler

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Inaugural Systemic Innovation Seminar
January 23, 2019
Friday Lunch & Lecture: Blue Energy for the Future - Tidal Streams, Lagoons & Barrages
January 25, 2019
NASA Science: Exploration, Innovation, and Excellence
January 30, 2019
Distinguished Lecture: Semiconductor Power Electronics Switch Reliability
February 15, 2019
Friday Lunch & Lecture: Communication Based Train Control (CBTC): Are there any Downsides?
February 22, 2019
Friday Lunch & Lecture: 3D Plant Imaging for a Sustainable Global Food Supply
March 29, 2019
5th World Forum on Internet of Things
April 15, 2019
11th Wireless Days Conference - 2019
April 24, 2019
Friday Lunch & Lecture: Green Warships
April 26, 2019
Friday Lunch & Lecture: A question of identity: Biometrics and Beyond
May 31, 2019
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