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IEEE UK and Ireland Industry Forum

Tariq Durrani, Mona Ghassemian, Jose Moura, Rod Muttram, Ali Hessami

An IEEE UK and Ireland Industry Forum meeting was held with the President, Jose Moura on 16th September at Royal Academy of Engineering, London.  Also in attendance were Mona Ghassemian (Section vice-chair), Tariq Durrani, Ali Hessami (Section past-chair), Rod Muttram (Industry liaison).

Ali Hessami presented the background to the UK Industry Forum launched in December 2015 and set the IEEE scene relevant to the industry.

Amongst the items discussed were industry’s needs for upskilling its workforce in recent technological developments and techniques, and improving visibility and participation in IEEE Standards activities.

A Professional Registration programme for IEEE UK & Ireland members was presented as an ongoing project, which received the IEEE president’s interest and support as a new industry focus and initiative.