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IEEE Continues to Recognise Work of UK and Ireland Photo Content Winner

IEEE UK and Ireland members renewing their membership recently may have noticed that the paper with their membership card attached contained an image from the IEEE into focus photo contest 1st Place Winner, Professor Damien Coyle, Chair of the Section’s Computational Intelligence Chapter.  Despite the contest being held in 2015, the photo is as relevant as ever, signified by its continued use.

Damien comments: The photo shows a person using a brain-computer interface (BCI) to control a computer game called NeuroSensiTM. BCIs are type of neurotechnology that allow people to interact and communicate with computers and games using their brain activity i.e., a movement-free communication is realised with electroencephalography (EEG). BCIs can be used by people with motor impairments caused by disease or injury. In the image there are a number of headsets for recording brain activity on display. 

The photo was taken during setup for an exhibition demo at Culture Tech 2015, Northern Ireland’s Innovation Festival.

The winning photo showing the contrast between the old stained glass windows of the historical 17th Century Guild Hall in Derry, Northern Ireland and cutting edge technology of the 21st century.