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Register Now for the 6th Conference on History of Technology – HISTELCON 2019

Registration is now open for the 6th Conference on History of Technology – HISTELCON – which is being held in Glasgow on 18th and 19th September.

HISTELCON is an IEEE Region 8 conference covering topics in the area of Technology History, held about every two years.  This year the primary theme is ‘historic computers’ including papers on those inventions and developments which have not already been the subject of extensive historical publications, and the contribution that special purpose processors have made to the development and use of advanced digital signal processing methods in many applications areas.

Sessions to cover other aspects of technology history in the electrical, electronic and related fields are included.

Following the traditions of previous HISTELCONs, invited keynote lectures will be included as well as submitted, reviewed contributions. The invited speakers are:

  • Peter Grant (Edinburgh) ‘Standardisation of the Ohm’
  • Gene Frantz (Texas) ‘DSP is only hardware’
  • Simon Lavington (Essex) ‘Ferranti computers, defence and GCHQ’
  • Tony Whittingham (Scotland) ‘Medical ultrasound imaging’

Among the computer topics to be included are the F100L and the VIPER microprocessors, and the impact of digital signal processing microprocessors including the TMS 320 for the implementation of very sophisticated signal processing algorithms. Descriptions of various early computer systems in various countries will be presented.

The aim is to keep the conference affordable, with reduced registration fees for IEEE members and students and for members of supporting organisations.

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