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First Milestone for UK & Ireland SIGHT Project “Inclusive Multi-Sensor Platform for Autistic Kids that Encourages Social Interaction”

On October 8th the IEEE SIGHT Projects Committee awarded the proposal submitted by our UK & Ireland SIGHT group called “Inclusive multi-sensor platform for autistic kids that encourages social interaction” (19-SPC3-19) with a funding amount of USD $9,815.00. The funding was received in early November and after a few weeks of manufacturing, the equipment was ready for installation.

On Friday 20th December the projector was installed and commissioned at Stepping Stones premises. They offer an integrated nursery, after club and holiday club for children with additional needs and also main streamers.

This project seeks to provide an inclusive multi-sensory space development that encourages active engagement through motion. The project will give kids with special needs the opportunity to influence and interact with other children through movement, exploration and collaboration in an edutainment and safe environment. The platform consists in a projector managed by remote control with more than 200 applications that can be programmed according to the children needs and curriculum expectations. This project seeks to address the lack of sensory occupational therapy and very limited speech and language therapy in the county of Essex.

The outcome from using this technology would be to create an inclusive multi-sensory space that encourages active engagement through motion for all children, with or without disabilities, improving their cognitive development, making it available for the whole family and wider community.

Training by OM Interactive will be given to Stepping Stones staff during two sessions in first quarter 2020.