IEEE SSIT Lecture | Anticipating Urban Robotics

This presentation unpacks the contradictions in urban robotics, suggests how to avoid doing harm to humans, and encourages critical discussion about which version of the intelligent urban future we are building.   

IEEE UK & Ireland Section Annual Christmas Lecture | An Engineering Profession Fit for the Future by Dr Hayaatun Sillem, CBE

University of Westminster Regent Cinema, 309 Regent Street, London

In this era of incessant and convergent global change and challenge, the role of engineers in addressing societal needs is more vital than ever. This lecture will explore key barriers and opportunities in engineering skills, culture and practice that impact on our ability to be a profession that is truly fit for the future.

Communications Society Virtual Distinguished Lecture | Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: Communications, Sensing and their Integration

This presentation will elaborate on the emerging technology of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RISs) which are proposed as the enabler of smart wireless environments, offering a highly scalable, low-cost, hardware-efficient, and almost energy-neutral solution for the dynamic control of the propagation of electromagnetic signals.

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