Webinar – Humanitarian Technologies Lecture Series: IEEE Ethics and COVID-19 related Initiatives

The Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies (SIGHT) in the UK & Ireland Section is pleased to announce a series of online lectures in connection with the Covid-19 related technologies. These are being organised in collaboration with the Technology Ethics SIG and the SMC Chapters. The first lecture in this series is IEEE Ethics and COVID-19 related Initiatives.

IEEE SSIT Lecture | Insights and Lessons Learnt from ‘Inclusive Multi-sensor Platform for Autistic Children that Encourages Social Interaction’ SIGHT Project

The project 'Inclusive multi-sensor platform for autistic children that encourages social interaction' was successfully completed in August 2021 by UK and Ireland SIGHT Group. This presentation shares project results alongside providing insight into how challenges related to project planning, proposal submission to IEEE HAC, stakeholders management, project execution and project monitoring were addressed.

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