LMAG Webinar | Soft Robots Interacting With Humans and Other Fragile Objects

With the ever-increasing demand for robots to cooperate and collaborate with humans, comes the need for increasingly sophisticated technologies capable of physically interacting with their environment in a safe way. This webinar will report on the advancements at the Centre for Advanced Robotics @ Queen Mary (ARQ) in soft robots focussing on pneumatically actuated silicone and fabric-based robotic structures.

IEEE Milestones | Dedication of Gravitational-Wave Antenna

This is an international event recognising how massive antennas in the US and Italy confirmed Einstein's 1916 prediction about the nature of gravity. This is a 90-minute livestream event which honours the uniquely sophisticated devices that confirmed Einstein's prediction of 104 years ago.

Kings College London | Wheatstone Lecture 2021

the kings College London Wheatstone Lecture this year is on 24th February 2021 delivered by  Sir Peter Knight FRS, Imperial College, London & National Physical Laboratory. His lecture is entitled: What’s Quantum Technology?

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