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WIE Ethical Engineering Series | Feminist Engineering Keynote

Women in Engineering

The University of Strathclyde’s Women in Engineering Society is putting on a series of events  to discuss different topics related to Ethical Engineering: climate change, white saviourism, inclusion, and feminism.

These events are open to all, and attendance to more than one is encouraged! We will be building our personal ethical frameworks as it applies to engineering with important lessons and conversations about each specific topic.

About this event

Feminism gets a bad rap these days. It goes too far, or it doesn’t go far enough; phrases like “BuzzFeed feminist” highlight how the word has become a marketing tool for major corporations, yet some folks still feel uncomfortable identifying with it. But what is feminism, really, and what does it have to do with engineering?

Here to tell us about this is Professor Donna Riley. Professor Riley is the head of the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University, and has worked tirelessly to improve and create new engineering curricula across multiple universities.

She will speak to us on the concept of feminist engineering, outlining the basics of feminist ethics and then connecting them to aspects of the engineering discipline. Her talk will be followed by a Q&A.

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