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Webinar: Understanding Sustainable Innovation Culture

Innovation, and fostering innovation culture, is an important driver of sustainability and growth in business. Leading businesses recognise the value of innovation and often have dedicated teams supporting innovation and the creation of an appropriate culture. As the majority of graduates will be working in SMEs with limited funds and competing priorities, it is necessary for young engineers to learn a new approach to creating innovation culture without the need for large budgets.

Who Should attend

This webinar is intended as an introduction for young professionals and educators, including engineers and scientists, who want to gain a foundation understanding of the machinations of systematic innovation and a simple approach to creating innovation culture in their workplace without large budgets.

Webinar Objectives

  • To define the key aspects of innovation and innovation culture
  • To understand a common language of innovation
  • To understand the advantages of a systematic innovation path
  • To detail the “Innovactive” approach; a 7-step approach to realising active innovation
  • To understand the wider implications associated with a successful innovation culture

The Speaker

Dr. Farhad Fassihi is an engineer with track record in developing innovative solutions. He has worked both in academia and industry, where he has consistently introduced new ideas. He received his PhD from Nottingham Trent University in 1993 where he developed the first European MSc course in the application of multimedia in engineering in 1995.

He received commendation and funding for its establishment from the European Commission (EC). In 2007, he designed, developed and implemented the “Schools Transport Automatic Register” (STAR) system for the management of educational transport operations and received awards for “innovation and excellence” from the EC and CILTUK for its implementation in north Wales. He is currently managing a specialist ICT company, developing innovative projects including the “Innovactive” project.


This Webinar is accredited by IEEE UK and Ireland Section

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