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Webinar: Introduction to Cyber Security

As an introduction to Cyber Security, this webinar is designed to discuss the factors that have made Cyber Security essential and important in today’s interconnected world.  The need to secure, protect and defend cyberspace from cyber-attacks has never been this high. From the security of basic and essential services such as emails, to the protection of national critical infrastructures, such as power grids, this webinar will discuss some of the factors making Cyber Security increasingly challenging for example: 1) our lives are so much dependent on cyberspace than ever before, 2) cyberspace is becoming increasing complex, coupled with the pace of technological advancements and innovation, 3) while on the other hand cyber attacks are now much more resolute, sophisticated and the ‘people’ behind such attacks are becoming resourceful and formidable.

Who Should attend

This webinar is intended for everyone, from students already studying a branch of Cyber Security to practitioners who work in the field, to people who consume or use services rendered online on a daily basis.

Webinar Objectives

  • Discuss how and why Cyber Security may be relevant to everyone.
  • Provide pertinent examples on how Cyber Attacks may impact us, ranging from just ordinary nuisance and inconvenience to real threat to life.
  • Provide basic advice on Cyber Security Hygiene.
  • Discuss the NIST’s Cybersecurity framework, and describe how each area and control are essential to both preventing and addressing cyber incidents
  • Finally, outline structure for future Cyber Security sessions / webinars

The Speaker

Dr Cyril Onwubiko is the Secretary – IEEE UK & Ireland, and Director, Cyber Security and Intelligence at Research Series Limited, where he directs strategy, IA governance and cyber security. Prior to Research Series, he had worked in the Financial Services, Telecommunication, Health sector & Government and Public services Sectors. He is a leading scholar in Cyber Situational Awareness (Cyber SA), Cyber Security, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) & Data Fusion.

Cyril holds a PhD in Computer Network Security from Kingston University, London, UK; MSc in Internet Engineering, from University of East London, London, UK, and BSc, first class honours, in Computer Science & Mathematics. He has authored several books including “Security Framework for Attack Detection in Computer Networks”. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal on Cyber Situational Awareness (IJCSA),


This Webinar is accredited by IEEE UK and Ireland Section

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