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Webinar | Hyper Ledger Fabric and Enterprise Ready Blockchain by Tim Rook

Blockchain Group

As an introduction to IBM’s Blockchain capability, this webinar is designed to discuss the need for Blockchain technology in our modern world. This webinar will cover the IBM Blockchain Platform, Hyper Ledger Fabric an open source framework, created through collaboration of 400+ developers, which has become the standard for enterprise Blockchain platforms.

The webinar will also discuss potential future applications of Blockchain and new markets/ industries that could benefit from this technology. Finally the webinar will discuss some IBM case studies of enterprise Blockchain solutions and how they have brought trust and transparency to industries.

About the speaker: Tim Rook a strategic leader at the intersection of industry, energy, sustainability and technology. Building on extensive sector experience to work with clients in manufacturing, engineering services, energy and construction to implement real transformation using the latest technology such as AI, Blockchain, hybrid cloud, security and data analytics.

Note that this is to reserve your place at the webinar, as there is a cap on the number of attendees; ticket holders will receive joining instructions in the week prior to the event.

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