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Unveiling of the IEEE Milestone plaque to commemorate the standardisation of the ohm as the unit of electrical resistance

At 2pm on Tuesday September 17th an IEEE Milestone plaque will be unveiled on the balcony of the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow to commemorate the establishment of the Ohm as the standard unit of electrical resistance.

The international agreement in the 1860s that led to the definition of this standard involved some of the leading figures in Victorian science and engineering, including James Clerk Maxwell, Werner Siemens, Charles Wheatstone, and William Thomson (later Lord Kelvin).

The unveiling will be performed by the IEEE President, Jose Moura, and will be followed by a symposium of talks on the background history and the significance of the standard.

The local committee responsible for organising the event, which is being sponsored by the UK and Ireland Section Life Member Committee and the IEEE Standards Association, is chaired by Professor Peter Grant of Edinburgh University.

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