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On April 5th the unveiling of an IEEE Milestone plaque will take place at the Physics Department of Dundee University. This is the latest award to the UK & Ireland Section to celebrate historic achievements in electro-technology.

The Milestone recognises the innovation of the discovery of amorphous silicon thin-film field effect transistors which were an unexpected and essential step in development of large screen flat TV displays using LCDs. This work was done by Walter Spear and Peter LeComber in the Physics Department of Dundee University.

The unveiling will be done by IEEE President Elect, Jose Moura, in conjunction with representatives of Dundee University.

Programme (timings are provisional):

10:30 Registration and coffee at entrance to the Carnegie Centre

11:00 Welcome address by the University and Introduction to the IEEE history activities and the Milestone program by Professor Mike Hinchey, Chair of the IEEE UK and Ireland Section

11:15 Unveiling of the plaque by the IEEE President-elect Professor Jose Moura at the entrance to the Harris Building, followed by a short talk by.Professor Cyril Hilsum FRS about the background to the relevant research done by Spear and LeComber “Flat panel television- how the University of Dundee made it happen”

12:00 Buffet lunch in the Carnegie Centre

13:00 Technical Symposium in the Carnegie Centre
Talks on the evolution of flat panel display technology, with contributions from Professor Cyril Hilsum FRS about the application of amorphous silicon TFTs to LCD flat panel display technology, Professor Jim Cairns, Emeritus Professor Dundee University about the overall work of Spear and LeComber, and Professor Ian Underwood, Scottish Microelectronics Centre in Edinburgh about the current technology of flat-panel displays.

16:00 Conclusion

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