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University of Leicester Hybrid Engineering Seminar | Designing Power Converters for Efficient Power Conversion – Application on Wireless Power Transfer Systems by Dr Mostefa Kermadi

IEEE UK and Ireland Power and Electronics Society Chapter is pleased to be supporting this engineering seminar from the University of Leicester.  This is a hybrid event which can be attended in person or via Teams using the link below.


Silicon Carbide (SiC) switching devices offer significant advantages compared to Silicon (Si) switching devices, including lower power losses and higher switching speed.

This presentation will cover the design and realisation of a half-bridge evaluation board to facilitate the testing and development of various power converter topologies for R&D purposes.

The half-bridge module can be configured to test a wide range of DC/DC converter topologies, and multiple half-bridge modules can be stacked in series or parallel to form different DC/AC power converter topologies. The board is flexible for evaluating various SiC MOSFETs, IGBTs, and Schottky diodes in the TO-247 package. It incorporates isolated power supplies and highly integrated smart gate drivers with numerous features to prevent damage to the power switching devices under abnormal operating conditions.

The board’s features, utilisation, and design considerations will be presented, along with testing results on a wireless power transfer system to showcase its performance. The evaluation board serves as a valuable tool for researchers and engineers involved in the development and evaluation of power converters utilising SiC technology.

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