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Blockchain Webinar | Transforming the Insurance Industry using Blockchains by Pratap Tambe, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

This webinar will use the insurance industry to illustrate a wider viewpoint about how deploying permissioned/consortium blockchains correctly can transform industries.

The speaker will use his understanding of Blockchain journeys in the insurance industry to discuss how different types of consortiums get started, scale and what determines success or failure.

The webinar will explain the importance of understanding industry structure, designing balanced ecosystem value propositions, recognising and responding to misunderstandings and objections of industry stakeholders and leveraging strategic partners to drive rapid adoption. It will also explain with examples how features and related technology elements of ecosystem value proportions which determine how value generated and how it is distributed needs to be designed, built and communicated well to different stakeholders for driving adoption.

Presenter: Pratap Tambe, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

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