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Face-to-Face Training Course: Effective Tools and Strategies for Time Management, Tasks Management and Notes Management

This training course takes a proactive approach to time management, focusing on identifying the key aspects of professional time and tasks management that will be beneficial to the participants. The course will provide a thorough insight to essential aspects of time management best practices, focusing on the principles and techniques that have been implemented and utilised by leading organisations.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to be appropriate for all participants, especially those who may wish to maximise their productive time.

Course Objectives

  • Apply practical strategies for identifying major “time stealers”
  • Learn the importance of setting and achieving professional goals
  • Learn how to develop a robust prioritisation strategy
  • Learn and apply techniques for increasing the productivity
  • Learn how to conduct a detailed analysis of your activities
  • Learn practical strategies for beating procrastination
  • Learn strategies for getting the most out of meetings
  • Learn techniques for effectively managing all the different demands on your time
  • Learn and apply practical tools and strategies to manage your notes
  • Install and learn Software available for time management, tasks management and notes management

The Speaker

This course is delivered by Zeyad Yousif Al-Shibaany. Zeyad is a certified trainer by the Institute of Leadership and Management ILM in the UK, and he is a member of the CPDUK (member no. 10549).

Zeyad has ten years of experience (inside and outside the UK) in delivering training in Time Management, Tasks Management, Project Management and Control, Leadership in Management, Business Planning and Entrepreneurship. Zeyad has an M.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Newcastle University and a certificate in Leadership from the University of Cambridge. Zeyad is the Educational Affairs Officer at IEEE UK & Ireland Section.

Technical Requirements

  1. Delegates should bring their laptop with them for the workshop. Tablets and iPads can be used but laptops are preferred
  2. Any required software will be installed during the course
  3. Smartphones will be used to demonstrate how the software and tools can be synchronised on both laptops and smartphones


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