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Technical Talk | Technology in Amputee Rehabilitation – Upper Limb Prosthetics by Prof Peter Kyberd, University of Portsmouth

Systems Man and Cybernetics Society

Prosthetic limbs are some of the oldest rehabilitation technology. Egyptian mummies have been found with prosthetic toes and hands.

Today there are images of prosthetic supermen and women, pictures of gleaming bionic devices. However, the truth of every day fitting of prosthetic limbs, is less glamorous. The reasons are many and often are based on pragmatic engineering. All rehabilitation devices must match the needs and choices of the particular users, and they have to be practical. A prosthetic limb that does not make a positive difference to a person’s everyday life is not used.

Rehabilitation technology is an exciting blend of engineering, biology, psychology, politics and common sense. It must be driven by patient need and must provide people with practical solutions to their everyday problems.

This talk will describe the technologies used in rehabilitation, with an emphasis on upper limb prosthetics. It will describe the solutions and point to reasons why some good ideas are not appropriate for everyday life.

This event is free of charge and open to all: refreshments at 19.00, lecture at 19:30.

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