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Cyber Security Monitoring of Digital Web Services using Web Analytics by Dr Cyril Onwubiko, (HM Government Home Office)

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Most digital services are available to everyone and from anywhere, e.g. University website, online banking, electronic commerce etc. These services are susceptible to ever increasing cyber-attacks. An approach to protecting digital services is to deploy preventative controls such as encryption, authentication and access control mechanisms, but unfortunately preventative controls alone are inadequate as the growing number of data breaches have shown. Digital services must be monitored in order that security breaches are detected on time and appropriate responses provided to address the incident. One way of monitoring digital services, especially online web services is using web analytics.

Web analytics is a tool for monitoring online interactions to digital services, typically focused on profiling and analysis, user and entity behavioural analytics and site performance. In this research, web analytics is applied for cyber security monitoring to enhanced cyber situational awareness of critical digital web services. A number of intelligence sources such as web logs, browser fingerprints, mobile and tablet fingerprints and endpoint fingerprint are gathered, fused, analysed in real time for enhanced situational awareness for the protection of online web security.

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