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Systemic & Systematic Innovation Webinar | An introduction to Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) by by Greg Stadler


Systems Council

This webinar looks into Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), a step-by-step method with a complete set of tools, principles and workflows. The structured nature of the method, as claimed by SIT, makes it a repeatable and efficient practice that doesn’t require the innovator to wait for inspiration or moments of serendipity.

This ability to Innovate on Demand™ is a capability that any individual or organisation can acquire and use to increase value. What sets Systematic Inventive Thinking apart from other methodologies is its philosophy. Where the traditional view of creativity is that it is unstructured and doesn’t follow rules or patterns and that you need to “think outside the box” to be truly original and innovative, SIT believes just the opposite; “Think Inside the Box”, where constraints foster the innovation and proven patters guide the thinking process. Attending this event is an opportunity to learn about a leading systematic innovation methodology and is highly recommended to practitioners and scholars of the art of systematic innovation.

About the Speaker

Greg Stadler is Managing Director of SIT UK, a dedicated professional, practicing and promoting Systematic Inventive Thinking. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Economics at the University of California, San Diego, where he was the founding president of the Sigma Pi fraternity. He moved to Europe after his studies and worked in Switzerland as an engineer.

In England Greg completed his MBA at the Manchester Business School with distinction and then spent 19 years working for Eli Lilly on a regional and global basis. There he enjoyed a variety of roles from Finance, Sales, Marketing, IT and Head of European Customer Facing Innovation.

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