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Innovation is universally regarded as a key route to prosperity and societal development. Businesses and individuals spend considerable time, effort and money to develop new innovative products, services or solutions to maintain and improve their prospects.

Although organisational innovators are relatively more successful in achieving their objectives, the success rate for turning new ideas into innovative solutions is generally considered to be lower than expectations. Experts have been pursuing different routes to develop systematic approaches to simplify and increase the success rates of turning ideas into innovation.

This seminar is an opportunity to share and discuss different perspectives, ideas, opinion, expertise and experience by innovation professionals from academia / research, industry / commerce, education and the government. It is anticipated that such exchanges in this forum would lead to the development of a comprehensive Systematic Innovation approach that can be adopted by all stakeholders interested in innovation. Furthermore, development of effective systematic approaches could lead to higher rates of success for practicing innovators and promote innovation by attracting new innovators through development of efficient training programs.

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This seminar is the inaugural meeting of the Systemic Innovation Special interest group (SISIG) of the IEEE UK and Ireland and is jointly sponsored by the Nottingham Business School at Nottingham Trent University.

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