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Silicon Photonics Adoption in UK Industry – Impact by Collaboration Conference

Silicon Photonics is a rapidly evolving research field that has attracted considerable interest recently from both academia and the semiconductor industry.


With the assistance of research funding for photonics technologies under the auspices of the Photonics for Future Systems programme and the Future Photonics Hub, considerable progress has been made in design, characterisation, and manufacture of photonic-electronic integrated circuits (PIC).

Many devices and applications could benefit from silicon photonics technology. This conference focusses on recent developments and new opportunities for UK industry. Of importance to attendees at this conference is the adoption of silicon photonics – how can academia assist industry to benefit from silicon photonics in new devices and systems?

This meeting is led by a team from the Optoelectronics Research Centre (University of Southampton) and includes contributions from key research groups around the UK, with the involvement of companies currently adopting silicon photonics technologies.

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