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PES Day 2021 Webinars | How to Get Published With IEEE by Edward Wong. Content Online, and Smart Microgrids by Dr Mousa Marzband,  Northumbria University

The UK and Ireland PES Chapter in conjunction with the IEEE Student Branch Chapter at Northumbria University will have the pleasure of hosting two PES Day Webinars: the young professional talk “How to Get Published with IEEE” by Edward Wong and a technical talk “Smart Microgrids” by Dr Mousa Marzband.

Webinar 1: How to Get Published with IEEE by Edward Wong 


This workshop will help in boosting your research’s exposure and reputation. Tips on how to organize and structure a high-quality document, choose a suitable IEEE periodical or conference for your paper for submission, and literature review with IEEE Xplore will be discussed. Furthermore, we shall explore the IEEE’s peer review and submission procedures, as well as some of the most common explanations for paper rejection.

Webinar 2: Smart Microgrids by Dr Mousa Marzband


This webinar will present a smart Transactive energy (TE) framework in which home microgrids (H-MGs) can create coalitions to gain market competitiveness by collaborating with one another in a multiple H-MG scheme.

Profit allocation due to H-MG coalition is a critical problem for making the most effective use of installed resources across the entire multiple H-MG scheme. In addition, demand-side management strategies that aim to develop frameworks to allow for a flatter demand curve which can be used to achieve energy production based on renewable resources in the multiple H-MG are discussed.

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