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MIT Course: Design of Motors, Generators, & Drive Systems

This successful MIT course comes to Europe for the first time. Advance  your  career  and  impact  your  company’s  success  in  2016  by  making  a strategic investment in training and education. Register for a 5‐day intensive course and access world‐class thinking, acquire new skills, and bring innovative ideas back to work. Earn US CEUs, UK credits (ECTS) and a certificate of completion.

This course focuses on the analysis and design of electric motors, generators, and drive systems, with special emphasis placed on the design of machines for electric drives. We will focus on fundamentals by using MATLAB for mathematical analysis in the context of design. Extensive
hands-on exposure will be provided through computer-based laboratory exercises and through the opportunity to construct and test an actual power electronic drive for a test motor in our laboratory.

More details, including a course programme can be found here.

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