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Massive Machine-Type Communication (mMTC) Access with Integrated Authentication by Prof Petar Popovski

Information Theory Society

This talks presents a connection establishment protocol with integrated authentication, suited for Massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC). The protocol is contention-based and its main feature is that a device contends with a unique signature that also enables the authentication of the device towards the network. The signatures are inspired by Bloom filters and are created based on the output of the MILENAGE authentication and encryption algorithm set, which is used in the authentication and security procedures in the LTE protocol family. We show that our method utilizes the system resources more efficiently, achieves lower latency of connection establishment for Poisson arrivals and allows a 86% signalling overhead reduction. An important conclusion is that the mMTC traffic benefits profoundly from integration of security features into the connection establishment/access protocols, instead of addressing them post-hoc, which has been a common practice.

About the Speaker
Petar Popovski is a professor at Aalborg University. He is a Fellow of IEEE, holder of an ERC Consolidator Grant (2015) and recipient of the Danish Elite Researcher award (2016). He is an Area Editor for IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. He is a co-founder of RESEIWE A/S, company delivering pre-5G ultra-reliable wireless solutions. His research interests are in wireless communications/networks, communication theory and 5G wireless systems.

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