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Innovation Webinar: Creating Virtual Companies for Innovators by Ideation

In this webinar we discuss the advantages of virtual companies as an organisational structure for treatment of collaborative innovation. Two or more innovations are often combined, for example to create a new innovation that comprises the basic components of the first two and starts its own life cycle; filing into a new portfolio that organises families of innovations together; or donation to a new virtual company. Virtual companies can be used to organise new innovations into portfolios, to hold certain technology types, or for specific geographical application.

When an innovation is recorded onto the blockchain, irrefutable evidence exists of the time and date the idea was conceived. In the blockchain-based, cryptographically hashed record, Ideation keeps a record of all innovations, NDAs, licences, and virtual companies in the blockchain, without compromising the technology.

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Speaker: Douglas Graham

The Innovation webinar series presented by Ideation in collaboration with IEEE UK and Ireland Section comprises 25 free seminars where you may earn CPD hours. The series explores best practice in managing intellectual assets and includes sessions with topics for innovators, practitioners, and advanced IP managers.

Attendance is by prior registration. The course capacity for this is limited to 100 participants, and the places will be allocated on a first registered and acknowledged basis.

Please refer to the new CPD and Member Centre sections for updates and the emerging program and recordings of the previous sessions.

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