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Discover why YASA´s (Yokeless and Segmented Armature) axial flux electric motors are smaller and lighter and are being used in a wide range of diverse applications such as the Koenigsegg Regera and a hovercraft.

About this event

The presentation will show how modern design techniques in electromagnetics and stress can be used to develop a design. It will illustrate the thought and design effort that needs to be put into using any materials in new applications. Not everything can be done theoretically and practical checks are made that ensure the material can survive in the environment and will give the improvements expected.

It will also cover the product introduction and give application examples of YASA motor and generator. The TSB/Innovate Knowledge Transfer Partnerships will be covered by Jonny and he will describe his experience as an associate and the benefit to YASA.

Company background

YASA Motors was founded on the principle that small, light electric motors would play a growing role in meeting both the strict emissions targets being set globally in a wide range of industries and the requirement for greater efficiency through electrification. Its motor technology is unique and capable of world leading levels of power and torque density from smaller and lighter motors. YASA’s polymer motor development (YASA-P400). Focus on mechanical design and structural analysis in ANSYS, injection mould design and impact on laser welding. The Vibration analysis of the YASA-400 will also be covered.
YASA Motors was founded in 2009 as a start up from Oxford University. Its unique patented motor technology was invented by the Company’s founder Dr Tim Woolmer whilst studying for his DPhil at Oxford University. In the subsequent years the novel electric motor he originally developed has been used in many applications.

The unique YASA motor technology is ideal for a range of mobile applications such as hydraulics replacement, power generation, traction and propulsion and hybridisation.  The use of three YASA motors in the Koeningsegg Regera represent the most powerful hybrid electric design seen in a production car, providing up to 700bhp whilst significantly reducing vehicle weight.

About the speaker

Jonathan (Jonny) Biddulph is a Materials Engineer. He graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BEng (hons) in Mechanical Engineering in 2010.

Jonny has experience in plant machinery, automotive, and bamboo bike development. He previously worked in a variety of roles before undertaking his degree, after graduation he joined YASA. His first role at YASA was as a KTP Associate, working on the adhesive bonding technology and thermoplastic component development. Following completion of the KTP project he joined YASA as a Materials Engineer.

Adam Hanney is a student of Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes University. He joined the team at YASA for a year in 2015, in a R & D role, to complement his studies and support the YASA designers with an extensive program of testing and analysing prototype electric motor designs. Prior to this Adam studied a variety of projects such as the Front Wing Aerodynamics of Vehicles, to Racing Car Suspension Systems.  He is a keen follower of motorsport and an avid Bridge player, being U19 National Bridge Champion (2013) and U21 England Squad Bridge Member (2014). He is currently completing his final year at Oxford Brookes and working on a fascinating final project in conjunction with YASA.  Adam hopes to continue contributing to the YASA innovative engineering team for some time to come.


YASA Motors Ltd


12:00 to 13:45 – lunch.
14:00 to 14:45/15:00 – lecture
14:45/15:00 to 15:30 approximately – questions and discussion

Additional information

Delegates will have the opportunity to pre book a lunch at Savoy Place. The cost for a two course meal with wine is £16. It is essential to pre book lunch.

Registration information

Those wishing to attend are asked to send an e-mail by the preceding Monday, giving name(s), and requesting attendance at the lunch and lecture or just the lecture, and in the case of lunch, giving any dietary restrictions. The e-mail should be sent to both John Fuller and Tony Davies. Please note the triple ‘e’ in the Tony’s address, with the subject line [Novel electric motors that power planes, trains and automobiles Friday 27 January 2017 Friday Lunch and Lecture]. No acknowledgement will be sent unless specifically requested.

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