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IEEE Power and Energy Chapter Lecture –  “Application of Advanced Control in Voltage-Sourced Converters (VSCs)” by Dr. Sajjad Fekriasl (Fekri)

Existing control systems for chain-linked Voltage-Sourced Converters (VSCs), such as Modular Multi-level Converter (MMC), are mainly based on Conventional Vector Control concepts. Despite of using Vector Control in AC system applications, it is prone to fail in dealing with chain-linked VSC systems. First, three phases of VSC are different due to non-deterministic switching in submodules. Also, disparity between cells capacitors of submodules lead to extra challenge for any vector control, e.g. arms energy balancing issues or generation of inevitable distortions at AC voltage waveform that can lead to network instability.

This talk will cover developments of advanced controls for VSCs. Some of the results will be demonstrated and discussed in line with the GE patent invention.


About the speaker: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sajjad-fekriasl-fekri-2b796818

Affiliation: GE, Grid Solutions, Stafford, UK

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