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IEEE Distinguished Lecture : “Soft Switching Inverter for Renewable Energy” by Prof Mark Dehong Xu

Soft switching has been successfully applied in switching power supplies, inverters for induction heating etc. However, applications of soft switching to three-phase inverters such as UPS, fast EV chargers, PVjWind power inverter etc. are not so common up to now. In this presentation a novel Space Vector Modulation known as Zero-Voltage Switching SVM (ZVS-SVM) is introduced. It can realize zero voltage switching for all switching including both inverter bridges switches and the added auxiliary switch for Three-Phase inverters. Experiment results of a 30kW ZVS inverter are introduced.

This event is jointly organised by the Power Electronics Chapter and the Professional Activities Affinity Group.

This is a free event but please send an email to Dr Xibo Yuan, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol, to register.

Prof Mark Dehong Xu, Zhejiang University, China

Prof. Mark Dehong Xu is a full professor in College of Electrical Engineering of Zhejiang University, China. He is interested in power electronics topology and control, power conversion for energy saving and renewable energy. He has authored six books and more than 160 IEEE journal and conference papers. He owns more than 30 Chinese patents and 3 US patents. He received four IEEE journal/conference paper awards.

Since 2013, he has been the President of China Power Supply Society. He was an Adcom member of IEEE power electronics society from 2006 to 2008.

He is an associate editor of IEEE transaction on power electronics etc. He was general chair of IEEE ISIE2012, PEDG2013 and PEAC2014. He is an IEEE Fellow, and IEEE PELS Distinguished Lecturer.

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