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IEC / IEEE Joint Symposium on Electro-Optical Circuit Boards

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the IEEE UK and Ireland Photonics Chapter are pleased to invite you to the 1st IEC / IEEE  Joint Symposium on Electro-Optical Circuit Boards.

Chair (IEC): Professor Hideo Itoh, AIST (Japan)
Chair (IEEE): Dr Richard Pitwon, Resolute Photonics (UK)


Takaaki Ishigure, Keio University (Japan): “Cylindrical Graded-index Core Polymeric Waveguides with 2-D and 3-D Wiring Patterns”
Klaus Floery, Vario-optics (Switzerland): “Singlemode Polymer Waveguide Platform for Integrated Photonic Chip Packaging”
Marika Immonen, TTM Technologies (USA/China): “Final Report on US HDPuG Optoelectronics Project”
Robert Ferguson, National Physical Laboratory (UK): “Metrology and Standardisation of Polymer Waveguide Electro-Optical Circuit Boards”
Julian Schwietering, Fraunhofer IZM (Germany): “Glass Waveguide Electro-Optical Circuit Boards”
Lars Brusberg, Corning Research & Development Corporation (USA): “Optoelectronic Glass Substrate”

Registration should be made via the button below as numbers are limited. Joining instructions will then be sent by email in the week prior to the event.

IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission
The IEC is the world’s leading organization for the preparation and publication of International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies collectively as “electrotechnology” and consists of hundreds of technical committees, subcommittees and working groups. Technical Committee 86 / Joint Working Group 9 (JWG9) is tasked with developing standards for electro-optical circuit boards, an advanced technology with enormous potential to address the need for ultra-high data density at the system, board and chip level in future Information Communication Technology systems.

IEEE UK and Ireland Photonics Chapter
The UK and Ireland Photonics Society is a chapter of the Photonics Society of the IEEE, concerned with transforming the science of materials, optical phenomena, and quantum electronic devices into the design, development, and manufacture of photonic technologies. We promote and co-operate in educational and technical activities, which contribute to the useful expansion of the field of quantum optoelectronics and applications.

Why are we doing this?
The IEC General Meetings are usually closed annual events, typically restricted to international expert delegates representing the national standards committees of their countries, however this year the meetings are virtual, which offers an unprecedented opportunity to invite international experts to learn about how the IEC are making international standards for modern technologies to safeguard future societies.

Amongst the hundreds of meetings spanning electrotechnology, a Special Joint Session of the Technical Committee 86 / Joint Working Group 9 (JWG9) and the IEEE UK and Ireland Photonics Chapter has been convened on Thursday, 15th October 2020 to provide an overview of the latest global developments in electro-optical circuit board technology presented by the main stake-holders in this technology.

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