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HISTELCON 2019 – Milestones in Technology History

HISTELCON (HISTory of ELectrotechnology CONference) is a flagship biennial-conference of the IEEE Region 8 and this is the 6th event to take place. HISTELCON 2019 will be in the IEEE UK and Ireland Section, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The proposed primary theme is ‘historic computers’ with an aim to include papers on those inventions and developments which have not already been the subject of extensive historical publications, and to include the contribution special purpose processors have made to the development and use of advanced digital signal processing methods in many applications areas. Sessions to cover other aspects of technology history in the electrical, electronic and related fields will also be provided for.

In accordance with the traditions of previous HISTELCONs, and the conference will include invited keynote lectures as well as submitted, reviewed contributions. Among the computer topics which might be included are, for examples, the history of the F100L and the Viper microprocessor, the Mascot real-time software design method, the Transputer, the ARM computer designs, and the impact of digital signal processing microprocessors including the TMS 320 for the implementation of very sophisticated signal processing algorithms.

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