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Superforming – Creating Light Weight and Strength into Vehicle Structures by Andy Hares, Chief Engineer, Superform UK

Superforming is a sheet metal forming process that uses heat and gas pressure, where a sheet of material is forced onto a male or female form. The process is useful for producing complex surfaces. The superforming process varies mostly in the way that the metal is introduced to the form; the variations in the process and the different materials used will be explained.

Andy Hares will introduce the process, giving a brief history of its development and early applications in the aerospace industry, leading to a diverse range of applications and now breaking ground in the body structure of the latest generation of super cars.

The Friday Lunch & Lecture Events have been running for more than 22 years. The Lectures are free to attend for IET members and non-members. All are welcome.

If you require Lunch it must be pre booked with both Tony Davies & John Fuller. Please also book the lecture as we may have limited room capacity.

The optional two course lunch with wine currently costs £17.50. and must be paid for in advance at the counter of the Faraday Kitchen, the receipt giving admission to the lunch.

If attending lunch, arrive before 11.45 and sign-in at the Faraday Centre reception. From April 2019 it is expected to cost £18.35.  For attending only the lecture, arrive before 13.45 and sign in for the event; this is separate to the IET Faraday Centre reception signing-in.

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