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First Cyber Security Webinar | “Houston, We CAV a Problem” by Vic Harkness F-Secure


In the future, connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will be everywhere. The UK government has already stated their intentions for CAV-ready intelligent roadways to be launched in 10 years. Are we ready for this vision to become a reality?

In this talk, you will learn about both the design considerations for these future roadways and vehicles, and the cyber security threats likely to face them. The results of threat-modelling exercises carried out by F-Secure upon these proposed future systems will be described. This includes a diverse range of threat actors with varying skill levels and goals, from a grumpy guy named Bob who dislikes people speeding through his village all the way up to nation state-level actors targeting foreign infrastructure.

By attending this talk you will learn about the wonderful world of networked vehicles, the interesting ways that people can target them, and the potential results of these attacks.

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