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Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society

You are invited to attend this event to engage with the EMSIG community and to investigate collaboration opportunities in the field of Advanced Signal Processing for Radar and EW, please Register Here if you are planning to attend the event.

Scope:  The scope of this focus group within the EMSIG network is to bring together academics, industrialists, and potential end-users working on development of signal processing techniques for radar sensing and electronic warfare.

Signal processing has fundamental importance in radar and electronic warfare thanks to its capability to maximise the sensors potentials and provide a wide range of additional functionalities. It has historically shown high capability in enhancing target detection, clutter mitigation, direction of arrival estimation, beam forming, target classification and imaging and enabling advanced radar modes such as SAR/ISAR, passive radar, multi-static and MIMO.

This focus group will consider both fundamental and applied signal processing solutions that can provide benefits to the radar and EW community.

Statistical signal processing, sub-space techniques, non-linear and adaptive signal processing, sparse representation, compressive sensing, convex and non-convex optimisation, time-frequency analysis and machine learning are just some of the most powerful signal processing tools that have been used to boost the radar and EW capabilities in the recent years and that will probably continue to do so in the future together with more advanced and innovative techniques not yet investigated in this domain.

This focus group is aimed to discuss, investigate and promote the use of advanced signal processing in areas including but not limited to:

  • Long range radars: air traffic control, surveillance radar, ballistic missile detection, space situation awareness and over the horizon radars;
  • Short Range radars: automotive, healthcare, UAV detection, autonomy;
  • Imaging radars: SAR, ISAR, passive SAR/ISAR, Shadow Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar, polarimetry, interferometry, tomography;
  • Multi-function radar systems: MIMO, communicating radars and radar communication systems (RF steganography), digital receiver digital array, LPI radars, electronic protection measures.
  • EW systems: angle/frequency/direction of arrival sensors, emitter identification, counter LPI radars, electronic counter measures.
  • Advanced concepts: Forward Scattering, multi-static,  Orbital Angular Momentum based systems, quantum radars, bio-inspired systems;
  • System Friendly signal processing: low size weight and power requirements solutions, high degree of integrations, sensor fusion and resource management.

The group will focus on identifying current challenges and gaps, defining perspective directions of research and successful strategies for collaboration, complementarity of the expertise within the group, interactions with other focus groups and knowledge exchange with industry.  One of the aims of the group is to bring together an academic and industrial experts community able to define the most beneficial research activities for short- and long-term impact.

In the introductory meeting, where an expertise table will be formed we will discuss and define specific  objectives and strategy of the group, such as the format and topics of future focus group meetings.

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