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Electromagnetic Systems Interest Group (EMSIG) 2019 Symposium

Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society

This year’s Electromagnetic Systems Interest Group (EMSIG) meeting will be held on 18th-19th June 2019, in Edinburgh at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The event is an opportunity for interested parties from across industry, academia, and government to come together at a dedicated event to discuss the latest developments in the field of electromagnetic systems.

In 2018, the forum was attended by ~130 people from 13 universities and 18 industrial organisations, all involved in radar related research within the UK. In total 72 posters were presented, with 33 of these being from PhD researchers.

Located in Scotland’s capital city this year’s forum will be held over two days. The first day, 18th June 2019, will feature a poster session of current research work, both from industry and academia with talks from radar engineers working in both industry and academia. The second day, 19th June 2019, will feature presentations from the EMSIG focus groups, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), MODEST (Modern Trends in Range Sensing) and ASPIRE (Advanced Signal Processing in Radar and Electronic Warfare).

Registration is required for the event. The first day has a cost of £50, but complimentary tickets are available for students(with a requirement for them to present posters of their research)and retirees through the normal registration process. The second day has a cost of £25, with no availability of complimentary tickets, due to limited capacity on this day.

We look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh for EMSIG 2019!

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