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DigiHealth: Harnessing Technology and Innovation

DigiHealth UK: Harnessing Technology and Innovation will look at the major work programmes set out in the NHS technology plans to provide delegates with the key information and knowledge necessary to improve health outcomes, simplify patient access and reduce cost through digital services. This unique conference will highlight the cutting-edge technologies and service innovation that is transforming the way healthcare is delivered to patients.

Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View (2017) outlines what progress has been achieved so far and the practical improvements that can be delivered across the health service in key areas such as cancer, mental health and GP access. Implementation strategies are underpinned by an agreed, costed and phased NHS technology plan, based on the Wachter review recommendations about the use of electronic health records and other digital tools to achieve a paper free system. Over the next two years, significant solutions will be developed with a clear objective: simplify patient access to care, in the most appropriate location, while supporting people in managing their own health.

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