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Control 2018 – 12th UKACC International Conference on Control

United Kingdom Automatic Control Council (UKACC) invites you to the 12th UKACC International Conference on Control to be held in Sheffield. The conference theme is grand challenges for Control and Systems Engineering that addresses the emerging theoretical concepts and expanding the scope of applications.

We welcome papers in the general theoretical and algorithmic concepts as well as applications in topics that include, but are not limited to:

General Systems and Control

  • Robust and optimal control: model predictive control, distributed control
  • Optimisation and decision making: Nonlinear and convex programming, randomised and evolutionary search
  • Modelling, identification and signal processing: multi-scale modelling, fractional system identification
  • Health monitoring and fault diagnosis: fleet-wide monitoring, sensor and data fusion
  • Systems theory: stability, observability and controllability, PDE systems
  • Sensors and actuator systems: IoT, wireless energy harvesting sensors, self-healing systems
  • Embedded and  real-time systems: control on multi-core processors, cloud computing
  • Stochastic and hybrid systems: cyberphysical systems, verification and validation, uncertainty quantification
  • Intelligent systems: artificial intelligence for control, deep learning machines
  • Complex systems: networked systems, big data systems, systems of systems
  • Autonomous systems: game theoretic control, multi-agent systems, adaptive and learning control

Control and Systems Applications

  • Social systems: future cities, disease control
  • Bio- and ecological systems: future agricultural systems, biosystems and bioprocesses, biological and medical systems
  • Transportation and vehicle systems: smart transportation systems, autonomous systems, next-generation aircrafts
  • Process and power systems: hybrid power systems, renewable energy, smart grids
  • Manufacturing and logistic systems: Industry 4.0, additive manufacturing and 3D printing
  • Mechatronics, robotics and components: swarm robotics, social robotics and assistive devices
  • Healthcare: bionic systems, digital patient, pharmacological control systems, robotic surgery
  • Economic and business systems: financial market systems, supply chain and logistics

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