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Blockchain Webinar | Exploring the Traceability Capabilities and Business model Challenges of Blockchain in the Seafood Industry

Consumer demand for fish and fish products in Ireland and elsewhere has experienced strong growth for decades. This trend in consumption has been accompanied by an increasing demand for information on the sustainability of the fish consumers are buying, in terms of origin and preservation status along the seafood supply chain.

As an introduction to the application of digital ledger technologies (DLTs) such as blockchain to seafood traceability, this webinar is designed to discuss the factors that make these technologies a potential solution to address the inherent challenges existing in the seafood supply chain. Seafood producers need to take action to address increasing consumer demands and trust issues along the supply chain. Blockchain technology has been proposed as a suitable tool to facilitate this, by registering all chain activities in a distributed, transparent, secure and trustful manner. However, the lack of mature and profitable business models is currently hampering the adoption of blockchain technologies along the food supply chain.

The webinar will outline the main challenges that companies are facing to develop horizontal multi-party business models to leverage the interoperable and open nature of blockchain technologies.

Presenters: Amaya Vega & Trevor Clohessy, GMIT School of Business, Galway

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