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2019 IEEE Smart World Congress and 5 co-located IEEE conferences – Stitching Everything Smart Towards Smart Life

Computational Intelligence Society

The smart world is set to enhance everyday things with abilities of sensation, communication, computation and intelligence so that many tasks and processes could be simplified, more efficient, and enjoyable. It consists of numerous “smart things” that can be endowed with different levels/forms of intelligence and even capable of thinking. This smart world is set to be the next important stage in human history.

Research on smart world is an emerging research field covering many areas, essential problems and crucial issues in truly building the smart world that benefits humanity, and simultaneously safeguards the natural environment for sustainable development and evolution.

Computer SocietyIEEE SmartWorld 2019 aims to provide a high-profile, leading-edge platform for researchers and engineers to exchange and explore state-of-art advances and innovations in graceful integrations of Cyber, Physical and Social Worlds with Ubiquitous Intelligence.


– Smart Industry and Manufacture
– Smart Agriculture and Aquaculture
– Smart Materials and Fabric
– Smart Environment and Ecosystems
– Smart Earth/Space System
– Smart Grid and Energy
– Smart Logistics and Retail
– Smart Building and Structure
– Smart Roads and Transportation
– Smart Vehicles and Networks
– Smart Machines and Robots

– Smart Home and Furniture
– Smart Appliances and Goods
– Smart Wearables and Implants
– Smart Medicine and Healthcare
– Smart Elderly/Kiddy Care
– Smart Foods and Living
– Smart Learning and Education
– Smart Disaster Management
– Smart Internet of Things
– Smart Sensing, System and Service
– Smart Computing and Communication

Co-located Conferences

•   The 16th IEEE Int’l Conf. on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC 2019) 
•   The 16th IEEE Int’l Conf. on Advanced and Trusted Computing (ATC 2019) 
•   The 19th IEEE Int’l Conf. on Scalable Computing & Communications (ScalCom 2019)
•   The 5th IEEE Int’l Conf. on Internet of People (IoP 2019) 
•   The 3rd IEEE Int’l Conf. on Smart City Innovations (SCI 2019) 

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